I'm Terribly Sorry, But The 1st Adventure Log Seems to Have Disappeared

Artist Akazawa RED
Event COMIC1☆11
Language English
Parody Original Work
Publisher FAKKU
Pages 24
Tags blowjob booty busty creampie doujin fantasy femdom group hentai horns monster girl pegging rimjob stockings succubus uncensored x-ray
Description In a remote village, there lived three boys in an orphanage who decided to go out for an adventure. Leed, the leader of the group, had told the others of an abandoned castle outside the village in which you can find the “The Succ Shop” - a place where sleazy succubi gather. Leed said the place was totally safe. After all, he was a regular at the establishment. Convinced, Opto, a virgin whose voice has yet to break, and Ryde, the son of the hero who defeated the Demon Lord, decided to tag along, thinking very little of the consequences... and the pleasures that would overwhelm them.

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