Succubus☆Delivery!! Vol. 2.0 - My Report on the Time I Was Devoured by Three Succubi

Artist Navier Haruka 2T
Circle nul_neverland
Event C94
Language English
Parody Original Work
Publisher Irodori Comics
Pages 37
Tags ahegao anal booty busty creampie dark skin doujin femdom group harem hentai horns masturbation monster girl pegging rimjob succubus swimsuit twintails uncensored x-ray
Description With the thriving underground sex trade of Succubae in Japan it was only a matter of time before use and sale of their Tail secretions and saliva was legalized. Our protagonist this time is overjoyed with this development and right away orders some "Like the real thing" Succubus Drool Lube. Despite the awesome power of this new, legal indulgence, it just doesn't seem to live up to his expectations. Thanks to his generous boss, though, he finally gets a taste of the real thing when he orders three Succubae who are more than happy to all but drown him in pleasure, and drool!

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