Female Hero's Journey 3 - Total Defeat at Skyfell Tower

Artist Shindo L
Circle Da Hootch
Event C92
Language English
Parody Dragon Quest
Publisher ENSHODO
Pages 43
Tags ahegao big dick blowjob busty creampie doujin fantasy group heart pupils hentai impregnation muscles nun petite pregnant pubic hair squirting stockings tomboy ugly bastard uncensored x-ray
Description Anri and the party arrive in the city of Romaria hoping for a break from the difficulties of their journey. Fortunately the King is more than happy to accomodate the Hero Ortega's daugther at the castle. Unfortunately the King's crown is stolen in the night by the notorious thief Robbin' 'Ood! To be recognized as the new Hero herself, Anri must track down this thief and retrieve the crown at any cost. Upon reaching Skyfell Tower, though, things take an ever more dire turn than expected and the party faces their most crushing defeat ever...

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