Tales of a Harem in Another World Vol. 3 - Creampie the Lady Knights!

Artist Tachibana Omina
Event C95
Language English
Parody Original Work
Publisher Irodori Comics
Pages 59
Tags blowjob booty busty catgirl creampie dark skin doujin fantasy group harem heart pupils hentai isekai ojousama swimsuit uncensored x-ray
Description Finally arriving at the Imperial Capital of Lesbule, the party is welcomed personally by Queen Sophia XIII and Princess Marie. As the Hero of legend Naoki is invited to stay at the castle and recuperate while preparations are made to defeat the Dark Lord. The girls return home to rest, leaving the Hero in Mila’s care, but not before Llusse gives him a warning to be wary of the Princess and her well known obsession with the legend of the Hero. That very evening the Princess arrives at his room with a deceptively simple request: to have sex with every member of her royal Escort, starting with the proud Knight Commander Leonora Ofallon. There is something about the way she asks that makes Naoki wary of her motives, and giving his semen to seven of the Kingdom’s most talented and beautiful knights is equal parts challenge and reward; but, with Mila’s help, the Hero is determined to live up to the expectations placed upon him, no matter what! A new harem of female knights awaits in the third chapter of the ongoing original series Tales of a Harem in Another World by Tachibana Omina!

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