Curvy Tales: Urge to Train a Virgin Whore

Artist Ichinomiya Yuu
Circle Ichibocchi
Event C93
Language English
Parody Original Work
Publisher ENSHODO
Pages 25
Tags bakunyuu booty creampie doujin exhibitionism hairy heart pupils hentai paizuri schoolgirl outfit socks toys uncensored
Description All Yukino wanted was to reinvent herself come high school after being branded the “weird kid” in elementary. Indeed, with her looks and charms, her new friends in high school saw her as an outgoing girl — the type who could easily land an older boyfriend or have a one night stand or two. However, after being confronted by a predating classmate who threatened to expose her less-than graceful past, she reveals that she is actually a virgin only pretending to be loose if only to be popular. And thus begins a string of exploitation, exhibitionism, and unwitting sex that ultimately turns Yukino into the very thing she originally made herself appear to be: a whore.

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