Yukina Tachibana's Compensated Dating Journal 2

Artist ShAKe
Circle shakestyle
Event C90
Language English
Parody Original Work
Publisher ENSHODO
Pages 45
Tags cheating chubby condom creampie doujin exhibitionism hentai inseki oppai paizuri schoolgirl outfit twintails uncensored x-ray
Description Yukina finds herself in a dilemma when she and Ta-kun decide to have some sex to celebrate her birthday. But due to the events that happened just yesterday, Yukina can’t help but compare her boyfriend’s dick to her uncle. And so when she arrives home to find an eager uncle, she can’t help but submit to his sexual advances. He says it will be the last time they get to have sex together, and so Yukina feels torn at the thought of having to deal with her boyfriend’s less-than-satisfying attempts at pleasuring her. Her uncle, however, encourages her to continue prostituting herself, which only creates a slippery slope of more sexual pursuits for the young Yukina.

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