Artist Shindo L
Circle Da Hootch
Event COMIC1☆13
Language English
Parody Fate/Grand Order
Publisher ENSHODO
Pages 46
Tags ahegao busty creampie deepthroat doujin fantasy forced group hentai humiliation petite squirting uncensored
Description Boudica, Queen of the Iceni, recalls her past life and the motivations that drove her to rise up against the Roman subjugation of Britton by Emperor Nero. In this parody work based off of Fate/Grand Order, ShindoL provides a plausible historical retelling of the dark past that fuels the fires of revenge of the barbarian queen. From the flogging and rape of Boudica and her daughters; to the occupation of Camulodunum, Londinium, and Verulamium; and finally to her undoing at the Battle of Watling Street in the West Midlands – Boudica: Queen of Unlikely Victory is your "unlikely" history lesson for the day that is sure to keep your interest.

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