Another World Series - Neiht the Dark Elf

Artist Highlow
Circle Piruporo
Event COMITIA 122
Language English
Parody Original Work
Publisher ENSHODO
Pages 25
Tags blowjob busty dark skin doujin elf fantasy handjob hentai ponytail swimsuit toys uncensored
Description Beings from a different world freely mingle with humans in the modern-day vision of the Another World Series. In this first installment, a young boy named Yuu finds himself in a strange situation when a certain Dark Elf named Neiht plays the role of his caretaker. Aside from the usual fare of day-to-day tasks, Neiht seems hellbent in making him ejaculate regularly as a means of calming down certain adolescent “urges”. Will Yuu be able to keep up with the clingy Neiht?

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